We have developed two Android apps related to mathematical visualization and exploration: Symmetricon and MathPlot.


We are not collecting any information/content while you use any of our apps.


Symmetricon is a free Android app for creative visual exploration through symmetry created by Nikitas M. Sgouros. It accepts as input front/back camera stream, images or videos.  Symmetricon allows the user to select any of 30 available wallpaper groups and apply them to its media source. The user can set the size of the square tessellation generated by the system. The resulting image/video can then be viewed from different positions/orientations. Images and video frames can be stored as .jpg images.Get it on Google Play


MathPlot creates 3D visualizations of real functions of the general form z = f(x, y, t), where t stands for time. Time is computed with a counter looping from 0 to 1 and back again with a 0.001 step. MathPlot allows simultaneous plotting of multiple functions. The user can specify the color and plot type for each function. There are three types of plots: color surface, grid and particles. MathPlot can also estimate and highlight the points of intersection between functions. The user can view selected points in the plot by providing their xy coordinates. He can also create and store an image of a plot. MathPlot contains a help menu option that explains the functionality of the system in more detail. Get it on Google Play


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